There are many factors affecting the success of a fish farming business. In particular, industrial gas plays an essential role with many different applications from incubation until the final product is transported to the user.

Another more interesting benefit of oxygen for bran is that if oxygen is maintained at a constant level in the tank, it will increase the metabolism of the fish, thereby increasing the conversion of feed into weight. actual quantity of fish. Thus, businesses will reduce the amount of fish feed required, which means a reduction in the cost of feed per kilogram of fish. If the output of an aquaculture enterprise is tons of fish, it means that this business can save up to tons of feed per day.

When the fish has been harvested and processed, fish farming businesses can continue to use other industrial gases to apply in packaging and preserving finished products. Several companies are now using MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) technology to package products into packaging. This technology uses a mixture of Nitrogen and Co2 gases to help inhibit the growth of bacteria – increasing the shelf life of the finished product.


Besides the above applications, fish farming companies can also use liquid nitrogen gas to quickly freeze fish to ensure better preservation of finished products. When the product is quickly frozen, the cellular structure of the food is maintained, resulting in the fish not only looking better when defrosting, but also having a fresher taste.

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